Singing is enormously popular and even more so these days with the rise of so many reality/talent  shows for singers. But few realise that learning how to sing properly is quite an involved procedure which funnily enough often starts with re-learning how to breath!


My lessons focus on all aspects of singing - correct breathing, posture, diction, relaxed throat and a vibrant diaphragm and of course musicality. But lessons for children also focus on what they love, which is the fun side of singing - putting on a show.  This often involves small groups or individuals putting together a routine of dance moves to go with a song, usually choreographed in their own time but with the odd bit of advice from me, aimed at concerts which are often held towards the end of school terms.


P.A. and microphones


I have a large amount of professional equipment which I can use for lessons and concerts including many cordless hand-held and head-set microphones and a powerful P.A. with front of house and foldback speakers.

I also have lots of experience using this equipment for concerts of all shapes and sizes.


Song writing


One aspect that I like to encourage if there is an interest is song writing and I have helped many students with this creative side thier musical endeavours.





I have a professional recording set up in my home studio and can record students or anyone who is interested in making a CD using either live backing or professional quality backing tracks.

  Vocal Teaching