Instrumental tuition


Lessons are either individual, in groups of two or 3 and above. The costs are $35, $25 and $18 respectively.


I am very careful to ensure students in groups are of equivalent ability and year levels if possible and I like to swap and change groups around to maintain this.


I like to ensure a well rounded approach to tuition - incorporating classical music (AMEB, ANZCA) with modern, reading chord charts, playing by ear, improvisation and composition. Finding what works best for each student is very important.


Running a band program in combination with insturmental tuition provides an excellent focus for studies and boosts motivation to practice enormously.


I use a modern keyboard in the classroom which provides accompaniment in a myriad of styles which students find an invaluable learning tool as well as making the lessons more fun.


See Instrumental for more detailed information.

Vocal tuition


Lessons can be individual or in small groups which is often a more popular alternative both with children as they enjoy singing and dancing with their friends and for parents as it is a cheaper alternative. (Same prices as above.)


I ensure that students get well rounded tuition, balancing technique -  breathing, posture, diction, diaphragm, with the musical aspects and of course the performing side of things. Confidence is boosted enormously by my relaxed approach which children find appealing and concerts are always being planned to show off what they have achieved. Allowing the children to work out their own dance moves is also a great way to improve their enjoyment and boost confidence and creativity.


I strongly believe in children being able to choose a large proportion of the music they sing while ensuring a balanced selection of music and avoiding any inappropriate material - not easy these days!


Combining lessons with the band program also helps to focus these studies.




I have a huge amount of experience running all sorts of bands, choirs and small groups with the advantage of being a skilled arranger. This means children can be performing the latest pop hits or Disney favourites within weeks of their being released which children find incredibly appealing. I find once you gain their interest and enthusiasm in this way they are open to anything you throw at them - whether it be classical, jazz, tango, a 7/8 gypsy piece etc.


See Bands for a full list of past arrangements and to hear some snippets of practice recordings and live performances.

Music for schools 


Martin's Music provides a highly experienced parents-pay music tuition program for schools with woodwind, piano/keyboard and vocal lessons that cross the musical frontiers between classical and modern. Classical A.M.E.B. or ANZCA programs can be combined with jazz theory, reading chord charts, improvisation, song writing and music technology.


Running band programs (see Bands) and choirs is an important aspect of Martin's Music and provides an excellent focus to tuition as well as aiding students with confidence, self-esteem, learning co-operation and performance techniques. Concerts tend to be fairly relaxed "gig" like affairs as children tend to relax and perform better in this envoronment and often dancers or dance moves are incorporated to make it more of a total performance.


Lessons are generally half an hour in length either during school time, at lunch times and/or after school depending on the school's requirements.

Lessons during after care programs are also popular as classroom time is not lost and children generally like lessons at this time.


Flexible timetables are created through constant liaising with classroom teachers, vice-principals and principals that do no impinge on specialists, important learning time, tests, excursions, incursions, sporting activities and the like.





These days a knowledge of music technology is a big part of learning how to be a well rounded musician and I can provide lessons in recording techniques using computer software, midi, mixing, using P.A.'s and microphones.


I also have and can provide P.A.'s, cordless microphones and lighting equipment for use both in lessons and concerts, thus children gain a knowledge of using microphones while having their lessons which makes it so much easier when it comes to putting on a concert.