After studying piano, oboe and composition at the Melbourne University Conservatorium of Music I've been a professional musician, teacher and composer for 30 years. I've played in classical orchestras as an oboist and in bands, duos and as a soloist in Australia, England and Spain on piano, keyboard, saxophone, flute, oboe, clarinet and singing.


The styles I have performed are extremely varied. They include classical, pop, rock, jazz, folk, reggae, Latin, gypsy (East European) as well as having founded an improvised minimalist band - Philip Glass meets Miles Davis!


As a composer I have written film scores, music for theatre, dance and television, a relaxation CD of music with nature sounds as well as many songs for myself and bands I have performed in. I also created and wrote all the songs for a children's singing band in a variety of styles.


I continue to perform as a soloist and in bands and duos.




I've been teaching vocal and instrumental music for over 30 years, privately and in schools. I teach singing, piano/keyboard, oboe, flute, saxophone, clarinet, recorder and to a lesser extent bass guitar, guitar and drums and also specialise in running and arranging music for school bands.


I have taught and run successful band programs in primary and secondary schools in Melbourne - Eltham North, Kew, Northcote and in the Yarra Ranges - Healesville, Marysville, Eildon, Yea, Buxton and Alexandra.


I have also taught for many years privately in my home and students' homes







I believe teaching should be fun and should engage children and adults in a positive, creative way that gives them life skills that can be used socially and professionally throughout their lives.


I especially believe in using music that children listen to - current day pop hits and Disney songs for example. I find if you take their music seriously they are far more likely to be open to trying whatever you thow at them with an open mind and I have seen this time and again throughout my teaching career.


I strongly believe in striking a balance between the classical approach (A.M.E.B., ANZCA) and a more intuitive approach - playing by ear, chords charts, improvisation, song and music writing. Each student is different and I believe it is vital to find their individual strengths, what they enjoy and how they learn best.


Above all I believe music should be fun and help build self confidence and creative self-expression.

Martin "live" at Bruno's sculpture garden  Marysville

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